Complaint Process

Protection from reprisal. Your right. Our mission.

The complaint process consists of the following steps.

  • After receiving your complaint, the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner decides whether or not to conduct an investigation.
  • If the Commissioner decides to conduct an investigation, he assigns the file to an investigator.
  • A conciliator may be appointed at any time during the investigation to try and resolve your complaint.
  • If a settlement is reached and approved by the Commissioner, your complaint may be dismissed or withdrawn. If not, the investigator continues his/her work and submits a report to the Commissioner.
  • If the Commissioner is of the opinion that an application to the Tribunal is warranted, he can ask the Tribunal to determine if reprisals were taken against you.
  • If the Tribunal determines that you have been the subject of a reprisal, it can order a range of remedies.
  • If asked by the Commissioner, the Tribunal can also order disciplinary action against the persons who took the reprisals.

Diagram of the reprisal complaint process.

Diagram of the reprisal complaint process.

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